Because We Care

Because we care

At the end of the day all term life insurance products are similar.  All providers use key factors such as age, weight, height and family history in determining your health rating.  Are you a smoker, or have you ever smoked, or what types of products do you smoke and how often are similar question, but can be rated dramatically different between insurance carriers.  Family history plays a major part in determining life expectancy and can swing five to seven years of your attained age between providers.  What this means to you is a “Preferred Plus” rating with one provider could be a “Standard” rating with another.  Did you know certain types of heart disease are automatically “rated” with some companies.  Even if you are perfectly healthy, the fact that mom or dad had this condition and passed away will at some level impact the underwriting decision.  So many people get quoted the “best rate” a company has before ever understanding what conditions may be associated with the individual’s health.

If you want an accurate quote and a provider that is a match for you, click on the link below.  We encourage you to answer the brief questionnaire so we may quote you the appropriate rate.  Life Insurance is like buying a car.  Often people see the sale price, the low monthly payment, and the free tank of gas if they apply or buy today.  The reality is you first need good credit to qualify for most promotional offers.  In the Life Insurance Business, your health rating is your credit.  Know where you stand before you apply.  The 12 Questions we ask will save you time, which we all know translates to money.  Get an accurate quote today!

What do you want your legacy to be?

We all believe we will live to be 100 and put off getting Life Insurance until later in our lives.  However, we quickly forget that great health today is a blessing and tomorrow is not  promised.  If we knew when our health would decline or when we were going to die, we would live our lives much different.  No one knows, so the question becomes how much do I need, or what is enough?  Take a minute to read a few of the attached publications “The Ultimate Investment”, “Raising Your Quarter Million Dollar Baby”, and “It cost $222,360 to raise a child”, the most recent article published in September 2010.

Of course we all say it can be done for less, but at what cost?  Each of us understands the reality of raising a child or supporting a loved one, but very few of us take the time to make that first step until it’s too late.  The industry often refers to Life Insurance as “Death Insurance”.  When you die and we all will eventually, it’s our forward thinking and planning that better prepares the next generation.  Take time to instill a sense of responsibility and values with your children today.   Then allow us to deliver financial stability when you move on and “Trust” the core values you taught continue the family legacy.  Give the gift of Life Insurance today?

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What do you want your legacy to be?

It’s time to “Get a Quote Now”.  Too often we want to wait to get insurance until we lose weight or get our blood pressure and cholesterol under control.  Unfortunately for most of us, these things do not happen for years or until our health deteriorates and forces immediate action.  Get a quote now.  We partner with several of the major companies and in most cases can write business for whatever carrier you choose.   Insurance companies take into consideration all factors when determining health ratings and in most cases are flexible when it comes to everyday health challenges.  What we want to see is that person who has a medical condition is being treated by a physician or the person who has a weight problem, participating in a weight management program.  All insurance quotes are driven by your “actual age” and none of us are getting any younger. Get a quote today!

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