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Jeff A. Schnepper is the author of several books on finance and taxation, including How to Pay Zero Estate Taxes and all twenty-eight previous editions of How to Pay Zero Taxes. He is an advisor to the insurance professionals in our agency who distribute products from Transamerica Life and other insurance companies. As well,  Mr. Schnepper runs a full-time accounting and legal practice in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Jeff Schnepper is Microsoft’s MSN MONEY tax expert, Chief Legal Counsel for Estate Planning of Delaware Valley, Inc., an economics editor for USA Today and is tax counsel for Haran, Watson & Company.

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You Don’t Have to Worry – Tax Answers by Jeff Schnepper

No matter how prepared you are for tax season, you probably worry at least a little whenever April 15th is getting close. We’ve covered your last-minute tax options in the past, but no matter how close that deadline is getting, we want to reduce your worry. Jeff Schnepper, MSN’s tax expert, agreed to answer a few questions for us, and offered a little reassurance.

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How to Pay Zero Taxes

Interview with Jeff Schnepper

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 Insurance You Want to Collect:

Ian Ayres and Barry Nalebuff, 04.23.10, 08:40 AM EDT
Forbes Magazine dated May 10, 2010

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You should buy an annuity–preferably 27 years before you’re going to need it.

Most insurance protects you against something bad–a fire or a car accident, for example. But the biggest uninsured risk that most people face is that something quite good will happen: You live a long life. Annuities protect against that outcome. They promise regular payments as long as you (and your spouse) live, so that you won’t outlast your retirement savings. If things were accurately named, annuities would be called life insurance (and today’s life insurance would be called death insurance).

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