Estate Planning Process


► First, we complete a Blueprint of your Estate and review your current wills and trust documents.

► Then, an Estate Tax Analysis report is prepared based on this information and current Estate Tax Law to let you know what will be your Estate Tax liability based on current value.

► A Second Estate Tax Analysis Report is prepared based on this information, based on future growth of the Estate to you and your wife’s Life Expectancy.

► Once we know the current and future Estate Tax Liability, we will begin to review plans to reduce the Estate Liability now and in future years. Once we settle on a plan that is acceptable to you, we will begin to review them with your current Attorney and Accountant.

► Some ideas that should be considered are: Defective Grantors Trust, Grantor retains Annuity Trust, Family Limited Partnerships, Dynasty Trust and Charitable Gifts that are among few ideas that merit consideration. By using some of these techniques, you can reduce the value of your Estate, therefore reducing the potential Estate Tax.

► Once a new plan is designed and is put in place we will review this plan with you as needed. Keep it up to date based on future changes in your family or business and Estate Tax Laws.

► At the end of this process you will need to decide what is the best way to pay your Estate Liability.

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